083 – The Organization Whisperer

In this episode, I interview David Childs, Ph.D., who is the author of The Organization Whisperer: The 12 Core Actions that Ripple Excellence through your Organization. Join us as we explore key areas of focus for any organization.

The twelve core actions described in the book are:

    1. Communication;
    2. Worth;
    3. Purpose;
    4. Family;
    5. Decisions;
    6. Plan;
    7. Do;
    8. Measure;
    9. Processes;
    10. Resources;
    11. Relationships; and
    12. Habit.

Charles G. Chandler, Ph.D.

Links to resources mentioned in this episode:

The Organization Whisperer (the website)
The Organization Whisperer (the book, on Amazon.com)
Organization Diagnostic Tool

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