079 – Claim a niche and serve it

It is said that the fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing. Whether generalist or specialist, an organization needs to claim a niche and serve it so well that the competition is irrelevant. In doing so, an organization can carve out a continuing role in its ecosystem. This episode explores (among other things) how Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton and Starbucks have created a mutually beneficial ecosystem that serves convention goers in downtown Atlanta (USA).

Charles G. Chandler, Ph.D.

078 – The Power of Story

In this episode, I tell three stories which illustrate the power that this form of expression can have. Stories knit threads together, shape how we see things, and derive power from the outcomes that they describe. If you are going to change the world, it helps to first illustrate how to change a small part of it in a story.

Charles G. Chandler, Ph.D.
email: cchandler@AssumptionAnalysis.com